Comunicatul Eurisko despre achizitia proiectului Craiova Mall de catre Sonae Sierra:

Sonae Sierra: the new owner of Craiova Mall

euriskoEurisko welcomes the participation of Sonae Sierra in the Craiova Mall project, the first and the most important shopping center in the Oltenia region. The Eurisko team, led by Luiza Moraru, partner and head of the Retail Department was the one who introduced this shopping center to the international developer Sonae Sierra. The Portuguese company, following a detailed analysis identifies a great development opportunity on the Romanian market through the project located near the Romanescu park, one of the biggest and most beautiful natural parks in Europe. Craiova is one of the biggest cities in Romania, which have an amazing potential for increase due to the foreign investments announced until now, like the ones made by Ford Motor Company and Al-Arrab Contracting Company. This monetary influx will create thousands of new jobs and will contribute to the increase of income and increase of buying power.
Jorge Morgadinhno, Exapansion Manager, New Markets Sonae Sierra declared that: “We are very pleased to have finalized this deal since it perfectly fits our entrance strategy in Romania which started early in the year. We thank Eurisko for having introduced this deal to us and we are sure that this project will be one of more to come which will allow us to rapidly fulfill our goal of reaching leadership in the shopping centre industry in Romania as developers, owners and managers of shopping centres”
Eurisko wishes to thank Elmec Romania and Alesonor companies for the excellent collaboration had until now, which made possible the pre-leasing of 70% of the mall, most of the tenants being international retailers. The surface of 56.000 sqm will be occupied by anchors from different areas, most of them having signed the pre-lease contracts until now.
Luiza Moraru, following the transaction declared the following: ” The acquisition of the first mall project by Sonae Sierra in Romania is a statement to the level of development for the retail market in Romania. The importance of the Craiova Mall project created a certain pressure over the entire negotiation process, which was extremely laborious and challenging. We are very glad that we were able to go along and establish a landmark for the retail market.”
The number one real-estate consultancy company in Romania, Eurisko has the conviction that alongside Sonae Sierra, the co-owner and owner of 46 shopping centers all over the world, we can transform Craiova Mall in one of the best malls in Romania.

Via Eurisko